Are You Looking for a WordPress Web Design Agency in Cornwall?

It seems like doing business online gets more complicated every year. Customers expect great website design and clear branding, but that is easier said than done. Building an online presence can feel overwhelming, especially if you don't have a big marketing team.

The good news is that Fortico, our WordPress web design agency, is here to help! Our Cornwall digital agency has over ten years of experience making websites for all kinds of companies. We even handle branding so your business looks its best online and off.

This blog will teach you:

What Makes a Good Web Design Agency?

There is much more than one web designer in Cornwall, so how do you pick the right option? Ideally, you should pick a provider that:

Has Plenty of Experience

You want an agency that has built lots of websites. It takes skill to make sites that are not only nice to look at but also easy to use. Fortico has designed hundreds of sites for big and small brands over 10+ years.

Our team has expertise across various industries, including retail, healthcare, hospitality, financial services, and more. No matter your business type, we have the experience to create an effective website. This experience also extends to our knowledge of the latest design trends and technologies, ensuring your site is modern and competitive.

Offers Custom Design

Pre-made templates might be cheaper, but they won't stand out. They also limit your site's flexibility and make it difficult to truly represent your brand. A custom site matches your brand and works for your business needs.

Every Fortico website is built from scratch just for you. We don't take shortcuts by using templates. That leads to a cookie-cutter site that won't resonate with your target audience. We dive deep into understanding your brand identity and goals, then design a fully customised site to bring that brand to life online.

These custom designs can also be tailor-made for your team. It should be easy for you to make changes on the fly or add content to your website.

Handles More Than Websites

Your website should match business cards, packaging, and more. Fortico's branding services create a consistent look across all touchpoints. We not only design cohesive websites but ensure seamless integration across other marketing materials, from business cards to brochures to trade show booths.

Consistent branding is key for making a memorable impact on customers.

Provides Ongoing Support

Technology changes fast. Your agency should check for needed updates and monitor site visitors' behaviour over time. Fortico handles all backend work so you can focus on your business. We won't just build your site and then disappear - we provide continuous support after launch.

That includes staying on top of WordPress and plugin updates, optimising site speed, fixing any issues that crop up, and monitoring visitor analytics so we can make improvements. Consider us an extension of your team.

Why Consider Fortico for Cornwall Web Design?

As a Bude agency with a studio in Cornwall, Fortico offers blended talents:

We're Local and National

Our Cornwall headquarters keeps us connected to the community. Yet our network of pros allows us to serve brands across the UK and beyond. With deep Cornwall roots plus national reach, we understand local business needs and broader industry trends. This unique blend empowers us to create locally optimised sites that draw visitors across Britain.

We Offer Boutique Service

Our team gives each project lots of attention. We act like an extension of our client's staff. This hands-on approach leads to great outcomes. We provide the white-glove service you'd expect from a small boutique agency, not a giant impersonal firm.

You'll work directly with our designers and developers throughout the process - no account managers or hurdles standing in the way. This facilitates better collaboration and, ultimately, a better website.

We Handle All Digital Needs

From web design to photography, Fortico can execute your full online strategy. And we'll support you before, during, and after launch. We are a true full-service digital agency equipped to not only build your website but also handle:

This consolidated approach creates synergy across all aspects of your online presence.

How Fortico Creates Effective Websites

We don't just make sites that look nice. Our custom web design process leads to measurable business growth.

Planning for Success

First, we learn all about your brand, target audience, and goals. Then, we design a website optimised for actual users—not imaginary ones! We won't just design something we think looks cool - we'll carefully plan a site mapped to your target demographics and success metrics. It includes competitor analysis, keyword research, persona development, and analytics goal-setting even before we start designing.

The result is a strategic site engineered to reach the right people and move key metrics for your business.

Built for Engagement

We pay attention to details like loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and ease of finding information. Visitors will love navigating your site. We build sites for visitors, not for our own egos. We're known for sweating the details that facilitate happy site visitors - sub-second loading speeds, intuitive navigation, mobile optimisation, striking visuals, and compelling content.

These elements boost engagement metrics and position your brand as an industry leader.

Launching and Beyond

Our work doesn't stop at launch. We monitor site analytics to showcase your return on investment. And we keep websites updated as technology evolves. Post-launch, we provide performance reports highlighting successes and areas for optimisation.

We also stay vigilant about updates - if the latest WordPress version has cool new features, we'll help you implement them.

Ready to Get Started?

By now, we hope you see the Fortico difference for custom WordPress web design in Cornwall. To learn more or kick off your project, get in touch today. We offer free consultations to discuss your brand's web needs.

Let's chat! During a free session, we'll dive deeper into your goals, audience, competitors, and more to develop a high-level strategy. We look forward to learning all about your business!