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The imagery you use is a direct reflection of your qualities, whatever the genre your business demands the best. Relying on in-house or royalty-free solutions will get you so far, but bespoke, professional photography will take you much further.

Sports photography is all about capturing the action and drama of being pushed to the limit, popular with hospitality or sponsorship it is a style of photography which demands the best skills and equipment.

Lifestyle photography can capture the creativity of everyday moments and if done professionally can compel and engage with content that is relevant on every level.

Food and Beverage photography is all in the detail and it’s crucial to get right. Fortico Media have worked with some of the finest hoteliers and restaurateurs and collaborated with the industry’s top chefs to photograph their creations and showcase their qualities.

Travel and tourism photography have the power to convey meaning and beauty more than words ever could if it is done professionally. Our ethos is that every locale and every travel experience is unique, deserving of a creative approach that is just as unique.

Interior photography, When it comes to venues and interiors, showcasing them is everything so they need to look their very best, that means lighting, focus and depth of field used professionally to create the kind of imagery that shines across all digital platforms.

Event photography can capture the results of many people’s skill, time and hard work and working with people who appreciate that is vital. If the responsibility lies with us to photograph your events, we go above and beyond what you expect to ensure it is done perfectly.

Campaign photography is the perfect way to engage your audience, build your brand and give your PR a boost, but every company and every service is different so working closely is important to tune in to your vision and deliver exactly what you want.

Portrait photography needs a photographer with great people skills as well as technical ability, to make people look their best and feel relaxed and confident in front of the lens. From international stars and well-known faces to corporate imagery, Fortico Media are experts at capturing the best of people.

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