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Far easier to digest than conventional written content and infinitely more engaging, video marketing is effective, affordable and within reach of every organisation regardless of size or niche.

Part of the reason for that is technology; it is easier than ever before to create video content for marketing. If it is done the right way then results can be incredible, often though if video marketing is attempted in-house the results can be less than what was hoped for.

The downside of modern technology is that everyone has the ability to produce video, simply using the device in their pockets, for Vlogs and mobile footage that can work well depending on your strategy.

However, for the vast majority of video marketing, you need to work with creative professionals to guarantee engagement conversion and retention.

The right equipment is important, so is experience in aspects such as lighting makeup, angles shots, scripts, voiceovers and a hundred other things. Then you need the skills and expertise to bring everything (and everyone) together.

When you see the results, you’ll see why…

Videos come in a wide range of styles and Fortico Media have the skills and creative, professional team to produce the very best. Everyone has their own unique requirements and innovative ideas. We’ll work closely with you to transform them into something you will be proud to share.

Corporate videos

Uniting your audience and showcasing your organisation’s ethos is much easier with imagery than with words. Perfectly tailored to your brand identity and the type of corporate content you need, from training to explaining in ways that written content would struggle to match.

Headshot videos

Regardless of your profession or industry, professional headshot videos can help you to stand out and make that vital first impression a good one. The details are important though, lighting, angles and the people skills to set the subject at ease.


Endorsements from industry leaders praise from delighted clients; why lose them in a wall of text when you could showcase and share them across your site and social media?

Case study videos

Earning authority through facts might be vital to your business but delivering that information can be challenging. Video marketing can solve that, helping you to deliver statistics and data in easy to digest chunks, entertaining as well as informing your audience.


Animated video can often convey complex ideas in a way that is easy to understand and deliver a tone that is lighter even if the subject matter isn’t. Animation creates emotion that stays with your audience long after they’ve finished watching.

Whatever the style and genre, video marketing can drive people to your site, build awareness of your brand and deliver the personal, powerful message that builds trust.

Your audience loves them, search engines do too. Contact us to learn more.

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