Want to reach Generation Z? Use Snapchat (and others)!

Oh the elusive Generation Z, who are they? What do they like? How do you reach them? The multi-million dollar questions that brands have trouble identifying. This growing, technologically native generation is simultaneously a huge market for advertisers and requires nuanced ways to be reached as they tend to avoid traditional forms of media and spend significant amounts of time online on one device or another.

The so-called Generation Z spends a lot of time online and I mean a lot, 70% of Snapchats users are under 25 and with 13-18-year-olds spending several hours a day online in some form, social media heavily drives this of course with the most popular apps – Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat taking up their share of time. And you guessed it, a large amount of this online use is squarely on mobile phones.

You probably already know about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the multitude of ways to advertise with them but did you know Snapchat is full of myriad Gen Z-ers happily snapping away and open to potential savvy, intelligent advertising.

It seems straightforward enough, go to where the people are and the people, in this case, the answer is clear – social media. Big brands have already jumped on the bandwagon and have used the popular app, as do big events from music awards to film awards and so on, with the nature of the app making it great for live events and instant sharing of videos.

The idea may seem novel and completely alien to anyone over the age of say, 25, having an app for videos and photos that disappear after 10 seconds? What’s the point? Well, hundreds of millions of its users (often teenagers) see value in it and regularly use it, with a reported daily active user count of up to 175 million people. All pointing to the lasting popularity of quick consumption of content, being in the know and seeing what your friends are up to while being able to very quickly share what you’re up to as well.

And how can you use it? Snapchats’ filter and photo annotation features can be great for making quirky, creative and engaging content and ironically, the fleeting nature of its content can be used create ongoing stories, documenting an event for example. Snapchat, in fact, was the first app to incorporate the use of the stories feed before both Facebook and Instagram famously co-opted it in 2016, with even YouTube now being interested in it.

Other ways to use the app include promoting products via e-commerce, share content via stories and don’t forget those crucial influencers – social media users with a massive reach that can help boost a brand. Snapchats high level of activity is great for businesses as the app will often be opened and used several times in a day, helping to increase the visibility of adverts for example.

‘Being in the know’ is the basis that social media was built on and it’s what drove the success of the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and while Snapchat may not exactly reach the influence or reach of any the above platforms, it still holds sway over a lot of Generation Z and is an effective way to reach out to them.

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