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It's easy to say that the past few months have been difficult for many businesses. Coronavirus has meant that many organisations are in a state of flux; their marketing and business plans are paused at best or, at worst, in the bin.

This can be scary and we've not been immune from this either.

However, we're here to help clients in every way possible to not only survive during these times but hopefully to thrive. Not only have we adapted to the "new normal", but we've also taken several new approaches to ensure that whatever is thrown our way, we can deliver for our clients and be your outsourced in-house remote marketing agency. Whether that is to prepare to get back-up-and-running following lockdown, adapting websites to focus more on e-commerce rather than bricks and mortar stores, or adjusting campaigns to maximise return on investment, we're here to help you.

Prior to lockdown, many of our team already worked from home, ensuring we can be proactive in responding to clients' needs while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. As a result, we are well accustomed to operating in a digital space. Since lockdown, we are engaging with clients over video conferencing software too, and this has led to a significant improvement in information flow, enabling us to become a bigger part of our client's day-to-day operation.

Alongside video conferencing, we've been working with clients to understand how coronavirus has affected their business. This involves analysing their current strategy, whether it is fit for purpose during this period and, if not, working with them to develop new strategies to either temporarily run during the lockdown, and what those plans may look like on the other side of this.

We've then reacted diligently and executed new marketing campaign creative, website design in Cornwall, social media campaigns, blogs and PPC in response to those new strategies.

We hope we're through the worst of the epidemic in the UK. As the economy comes out of hibernation, we're ready to help our clients reopen to and maximise every opportunity that presents itself. We're your remote marketing agency.

If you need a new marketing strategy, new media representation or a new website constructed, contact Fortico Media now and let's have a virtual coffee!

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